Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mini Minions


Here are a few of the Despicable Me minions-only smaller.  They are quick and easy to make and will not take up much yarn. (unless you make thousands of them ;)  Have fun!

F hook
Yellow yarn
Blue yarn
Black yarn
Silver or Grey yarn
Google eyes (about 10mm)
Needle and black thread

One Eyed Minion-Body (using yellow and black yarn)

1. ch 6 in ring-6
2. 2sc in each st around-12
3-4. sc in each st around-12
5. (change to black) sc in each st around-12
6-11. (change back to yellow) sc in each st around-12-F/O

One Eyed Minion-Pants (use blue yarn)

1. ch 6 in ring-6
2. 2sc in each st around-12
3. sc in each st around-12-F/O
4. starting in any st, sc in next 3st, ch 1, turn, sc across, ch 4-F/O
5. sk 3st away from last 3sc, repeat row 4-F/O (there should be two 3st spaces in between 2 3sc rows)   

Fat Minion-Body (using yellow and black yarn)

1. ch 8 in ring-8
2. 2sc in each st around-16
3. sc in each st around-16
4. (change to black) sc in each st around-14
5-10. (change back to yellow) sc in each st around-14-F/O

Fat Minion-Pants (use blue yarn)

1. ch 8 in ring-8
2. 2sc in each st around-16
3. sc in each st around-16-F/O
4. starting in any st, sc in next 4st, ch 1, turn, sc across, ch 5-F/O
5. sk 4st away from last 4sc, repeat row 4-F/O (there should be two 4st spaces in between 2 4sc rows)

Both Minions-Arms (use black and yellow yarn)

1. ch 4 in ring-4
2. sc in each st around-4
3. (change to yellow yarn) In BLO, sc in first st, sk 1, sc in next 2st-3
4-5.? sc in each st around-3-F/O

Both Minions-Legs (use black and blue yarn)

1. ch 5 in ring-5
2. In BLO, sc in next 2st, sk 1, sc in last 2st-4
3. (change to blue yarn) In BLO, sc in each st around-4
4. sc in each st around-4-F/O

Both Minions-Goggle Edges (use silver or grey yarn)
Note: Depending on how big your google eyes are, you may have to add or subtract sts.

1. ch 8, join, slst around-8-F/O

Place the google eyes inside of the goggle edges and then sew on the goggle edges(The black ring from the 'Body' should be at the center of the goggles).  Sew pants on (both) minions so that the 3st (or 4st) flaps are placed at the front and back of the minion.  Sew on arms and legs.  Take the 4ch (or 5ch) straps and sew them onto the right side of the other 3st (or 4st) flap (do this for both sides).  With needle and thread, embroidery on hair and mouth.  

The minions belong to their original creators, but this pattern belongs to me.


  1. cut.Thanks a lot for the free pattern.Being an amigurumi artist myself,i love how you are proving good patterns for free.Really appreciate your efforts and all the hard work :) Keep going...lots of love.

  2. I wanted to thank you for your free patterns. I especially love your bird pattern, and I intend to post a link to your blog on both my birding email list, and the DE Bird fb page. Do you have a FB page?

    1. Cool! I do not have a FB page (infact, I didn't even know what FB meant at first) The only other things I do besides my blog is ravelry and etsy.