Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scrat's Acorn

So, you're probably wondering, if I made Scrat's acorn, then where's Scrat?  I will be posting Scrat on 12/12/12, so get ready for some difficult crocheting!

F hook
Brown yarn
Tan yarn

Acorn (use brown yarn)

1. ch 8 in ring-8
2. 2sc in each st around-16
3. (sc in next st, 2sc in next st) around-24
4-5. sc in each st around-24
6. change to tan yarn, BLO- (sc in next 6st, sc2tog) around-21
7-9. in both loops- sc in each st around-21
10. (sc in next 5st, sc2tog) around-18
11. sc in each st around-18
12. (sc in next 4st, sc2tog) around-15
13. (sc in next st, sc2tog) around-10
14. sc2tog around-5 F/O


1. ch 6, slst in 2nd ch, slst in next ch, sk 1, slst on last 2ch- F/O Sew on top of acorn.

Scrat belongs to his original creators and the acorn belongs to Scrat.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern...

  2. que significa SLST, CH, SK, F/S ?? gracias

    1. Anonymous
      SLST= Slip Stitch
      CH= Chain
      SK= Skip
      She means F/O = Fasten Off

      SLST = Slip Stitch
      CH = Cadena
      SK = Saltar
      Ella se refiere a F/O = Rematar